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The Active Stool is designed for shorter sitting durations and complement the modern move towards and active office environment in which workers sit for a period, stand up and work, pace on a phone call, and take walking meetings.

The main unique feature of an active chair is some form of instability. Compared to a traditional office chair that is stable and lets you plop down and sit for hours, active chairs have some level on instability (generally in the seat or base) that force core engagement and give you the freedom to move more while sitting.

Why Should You Use An Unstable Active Chair?
Modern research has revealed that people (especially office workers) sit in a static, stationary position for too long. These extended periods of static sitting have been linked to a host of health detriments, which has in turn fueled the active office movement. Active chairs are an important piece of furniture that complements this movement. Sometimes you need to have a seat, and active chairs put the choice in your hands—choose a traditional chair and sit stationary—or select an active stool and engage in more movement while sitting.

How Does an Active Chair Help Your Move More While Sitting?
Instability in the seat or base of an active stool gives you the freedom to rock, tip, twist, and move while sitting. The best active stools are safe to use and let you comfortably sit still and then quickly initiate movement when you want. Active balance stools not only give you the freedom to move but they also engage and strengthen your core while sitting. Both of these attributes can contribute to overall health and wellbeing.

If sitting on an active stool requires all or a majority of your energy and focus to prevent falling, how can you get work done? You probably can’t. You’re most likely not looking for an intense gym work out to do at your desk, but rather a simple way to move more that’s almost second nature. When selecting an active chair for your office, it’s important to understand how physically and mentally difficult they are to use. You’ll most likely want to select an active stool that gentle, easy, and safe for you to sit on for longer periods.

In stock


Dimensions: 41 (w) x 41 (d) x 57-75 (h) cm

Max User Weight: 136kg

Warranty: 3yr

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Weight 12.40 kg
Dimensions 43 × 48 × 38.5 cm


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